Our Environment

Our bright playroom is loved by the staff and children alike – it faces south and east and allows plenty of natural light into it. The room is large enough to be zoned into different areas without restricting the children in any way.

The toilets are at child’s height, with low level cubicles providing some privacy whilst allowing staff to supervise. The small basins have just one tap with blended hot and cold water to keep the children safe.

Our fully fitted kitchen is dual purpose; it is used by the staff to prepare snacks and hot lunches but the children also have their cookery sessions on the run of low level worktop. The kitchen appliances have been carefully chosen with safety in mind: a high level oven and induction hob which cannot switch on unless there is a pan placed on it keep the children safe.

Our entrance hall is large to allow parents and siblings to wait in comfort at the beginning and the end of sessions. There is plenty of information available to have a look at and noticeboards keep parents up to date on everything that is going on.

Outside there is a fantastic space with an all-weather canopy with bonded rubber mulch play surface to allow the children to play outside however bad the weather is. There is a large grassed area with play equipment, an allotment garden area, a digging pit, playhouse and patio area. The space continues to develop as we see how the children use it and what great ideas they come up with. In the spring, the surrounding field is full of lambs providing a unique experience for the children.

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