The Committee

All Committee meetings and dates are on our calendar.

This pre-school like many others is run by a parent-led committee. But what does that mean?

It means that as parents we set the direction and decide what type of pre-school we want for our children. This offers you and your family the opportunity to be directly involved in the activities of the pre-school and in your child′s progress.

There are five main areas of responsibility

  1. Vision and leadership
  2. Accountability and legal liability
  3. Keeping it legal
  4. Financial management
  5. Managing staff and volunteers

We hold committee meetings roughly once every half term and have an AGM once a year in September.

Any parent can join the committee and we are always looking for a range of skills so that we can do the best we can. All committee members are DBS checked by Ofsted.

We have a range of different roles such as Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Fundraiser as well as general Committee members. Everyone has something to contribute and we try to use the strengths of individuals.

Helmdon Acorns Pre-school is very much part of the village community and throughout the year we involve ourselves in village activities. The Committee runs fund raising events such as an Easter egg hunt, Christmas crafts event and cake sales.

Current members of the committee are:

Kat Carter –

Gabi Henderson

Colin Whitehead John Gray –
Judy Wise Avril Servat Mike Ludwig Sophie Lander-Ritchie