Snacktime and Lunches

We provide a healthy snack in both morning and afternoon sessions, we operate a rolling snack which means that the children have a window of time in which to choose to leave their play. Independence is encouraged with the children pouring their own drinks and tidying away their plate and cup afterwards.

There is a charge of 25p per snack for fee paying sessions. Voluntary donations may be made for children accessing funded hours.

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If your child is staying for lunch (12-12:30) there are two options. Parents can provide a healthy packed lunch and drink in a cool bag or hot meals can be ordered online at Live Kitchen you will need to obtain an ID before ordering.

Lunch times are a great time for the staff to interact with their key worker children. Independence is encouraged and therefore it is preferable that lunch box items can be opened/eaten easily by the children, for example by cutting up fruit into smaller pieces. No nuts may be brought into the setting and grapes should be cut in half. More information can be found on policy 6.5 Food and Drink.